How to calm your nerves and overcome job interview anxiety?

How to calm your nerves and overcome job interview anxiety

Even when you are fully prepared for an interview and know that you are qualified, it can still be a stressful experience entering a room (potentially more than one person) and being judged by your past performances.
Job interviews come with very specific comments: either you will receive the concert or not. No matter what your qualifications are, the way you conduct yourself in an interview can make a big difference when it comes to the impression you leave on your interviewer.
The next time you’re ready for a new job and have a great interview to come, consider some of these tips for overcoming job interview anxiety.
How to calm job interview anxiety?
Practice interviews
It goes without saying that one of the best ways to get an interview is to prepare as soon as possible. This includes everything from researching the company and the person who will interview you to memorizing your best compliments and practising in front of a mirror. What you may not have considered is the importance of preparing for the worst as well.
According to The Muse, it is useful to consider his greatest fear and then try to find an answer for him. Proactive thinking, such as coming prepared with floss for that piece of wandering spinach that you notice in your teeth just before entering the building will help you to be sure that no matter what happens during the interview, you can handle it with aplomb.
Prepare the details
Determining the anticipated logistics and timing of your arrival at the interview site (or online) is critical to your application and can calm your nerves. It should not be underestimated how long it could take to navigate on foot from the parking lot of a large corporation, for example, from the elevators to the reception desk.
For a remote interview, test all your gear beforehand. Download any necessary video software and take a tour so you feel safe using the program. Consider the quality of your webcam and microphone. Pay attention to the view behind you, is it messy? Will someone in the house potentially interrupt you? Getting everything in order will help calm your nerves before the interview.
Reach hands
It is no secret that physical activity can help reduce stress levels. Use this to your advantage before an interview. Simply going for a walk, taking your bike around the block or spending 10 minutes of stretching can make your endorphins work and improve your mood.
Consider taking care of the house too. Get up from the couch and clean the house, wash your clothes or take some herbs from the garden. All this can cause your blood to pump and provide a distraction and relief from your nerves.
Relaxation techniques
Meditation and relaxation techniques can promote clarity and calm a racing heart. Meditation apps like Headspace or Calm make it easy by providing quick guided meditation sessions. YouTube is also packed with meditation videos that can also distract you from your interview.
Deep breathing can also be particularly helpful and can be done from anywhere. The 4-7-8 breathing technique is a commonly recommended method. You breathe for four seconds, hold it for seven seconds and exhale for eight seconds.
Music is also a relaxation tool. According to a study by neuroscientists in the UK, participants had a 65% reduction in general anxiety when listening to a particular song. The song, “Weightless,” was created in collaboration with sound therapists and has carefully arranged “harmonies, rhythms, and bass lines that help lower the listener’s heart rate, lower blood pressure, and lower cortisol levels, the stress hormone. “
Create your own playlist to put yourself in a more Zen state before your interview.
Use distractions
Sometimes we need a distraction to take our mind off the anxiety of our job interview. Try watching funny videos or memes, a clip from your favourite comedian, or your favourite TV show.
Laughing well can relax you by slowing your stress response and lowering your heart rate and blood pressure.
Eating the right food
When you’re under stress, it can be easy to lose your appetite or overeat.
But those nerves can make food interact with your body differently than they usually do. That cup of coffee can make you nervous, or that hamburger can upset your stomach. Focus on eating normally and even increasing your intake of healthy foods.
Change your mindset
It can be easy to see your interviewer as intimidating, or even as the enemy. Sometimes a simple change in mindset can calm your nerves before an interview.
Think of your interview for what it really is: a conversation. A meeting between two people to talk about a role. Watch the interview as an opportunity to see if it fits. Yes, you want to impress and get the job, but focusing on what the job can do for you can relax you and relieve the pressure.
And don’t forget that your interviewer may be as nervous as you are. People are people, and being in a position of authority does not mean that your interviewer will be hostile and unnecessarily harsh. See your interviewer as your equal and hope to have a pleasant conversation.
Consider the worst
If you make a mistake, if you say something wrong, if you don’t get the job … what is the worst that will happen? You will continue to look for work. Remember that there are other jobs out there, and this is not the end, they will all be all.
Go through what will happen if you don’t get the job and realize it’s not as bad as you think. It can be easy to build scenarios, which will only increase the anxiety of job interviews.
Get help from an expert interview
Interviews are almost always stressful for everyone, so acknowledging that fact and finding a way to work with that stress will help you get through it.
If you want extra help to ease the stress of your job interview, we’ve got you covered. FlexJobs offers professional advice online where one of our internal consultants can answer questions, provide comments on resumes and cover letters, and more.

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